Proud to be Different March!

On Friday 12th July, we will be marching across Clapham Common to celebrate our differences! 

On the march, we will be singing!  Please learn the song below to help you join in with us!   You can listen to the Spice girls version so that you know how the song sounds, but remember to learn it with our own special Clapham Manor lyrics!


If you’re feeling sad and low,

Don’t fit in or you’ve got no place to go,

Clapham Manor’s here to say,

Just be you each and every day!


Colours of the world (equality!)

Every boy and every girl (equality!)

People of the world (equality!)


Slam it to the left – being different is ok!

Shake it to the right – we are special in our way.

Shake it to the left – ha ha! be-you-tiful!

Slam it to the left – and we’re singing it out loud!

Shake it to the right – we’re all different and we’re proud!

Shake it to the left – ha ha! just be-you-tiful!


Any gender, any race,

All religions have a place,

Who you love or where you’re from,

Come join us and …..sing along!


If you’re old or you’re young,

religion or have none,

Whatever your gender or body remember…

Love’s for everyone! (Haka) Love’s for everyone! (Haka!)

Ariba! Hahaah!


Year 2 Visit The Monument!

As part of our learning about The Great Fire of London, Year 2 visited Pudding Lane and climbed to the top of The Monument. There were 311 steps to climb and it was very tiring! Once we reached the top, we observed the way London has been re-built since 1666. We saw the Shard, Tower Bridge, St Paul’s Cathedral, The Tower of London and many more! Then we were lucky enough to have a picnic and a play in Battersea Park. Take a look at how much fun we had below!

How had London changed since 1666? Was Pudding Lane what you expected? How was it different? Why was it different?

Playground Challenge!

On Friday, 2A took part in the Playground Challenge alongside 6S! We had a great time on all the different activities and got to test lots of our sporting skills. Check out the pictures below to see what we got up to! 

Outdoor Learning Day!

On Thursday, we had a wonderful day of learning outside! We started off the morning in Clapham Common, trying to identify different types of tree based on their leaves. We then looked closely to try and determine whether they were deciduous or evergreen!

In the afternoon, we went to Grafton Square and used some of the leaves we had collected earlier, plus more we found there, to make a collaborative art piece of leaf printing! Our finished work was fantastic and we can’t wait to display it in the classroom!

What types of tree leaf did you find? Were there more deciduous or evergreen trees in Clapham Common?

Super Shapes!

Today in Maths, we were recapping our knowledge of 2D shapes by making specific shapes out of straws and blu-tac. We had to work as a team to check our shape fitted the description!

What shapes did you make? Did any have a line of symmetry or a right angle?

The Spinney

Last week, 2A were lucky enough to visit The Spinney again. This time we were kitted out with our wellies and raincoats as the weather was a little rainy! We had lots of fun blowing bubbles with straws and looking at the colours they made as well as seeing if we could see anything reflected in them. We also did paintings and made potions, as well as getting stuck in some very sticky mud!

What was your favourite thing we did? Can you tell someone else about it?

2A at The Spinney

Today, 2A visited The Spinney. We had so much fun continuing our digging of the River Thames to see if we could make it longer! We also had artistic fingers today as we made different animals that may live around our local area out of clay. We also had a go at making Aboriginal paintings of these creatures on tree bark! Take a look at the pictures below to see what we got up to…

What animal did you make or paint today? What was your favourite thing to do?

Tremendous Tally Charts!

Today, Year 2 visited Clapham Common to work out what the most popular mode of transport was: car, lorry, van, bus, coach, motorbike, walking, bicycle or scooter.

We had 10 minutes to watch the road to see how many we saw in that time. It was quite tricky as sometimes lots went past at once! We used a tally chart to help us record our findings.

Now we can use our data in our Statistics learning this week! Tomorrow we will be using it to create a bar chart.

What was the most popular mode of transport you found? Which was the least popular? Which mode of transport do you use the most?

The Great Fire of London

Over the past few weeks we have made our own Tudor Houses out of cardboard boxes, looking at the style the houses were in. We designed our houses in our sketchbooks first and then used white paper, black card and sawdust to create them.

We then went onto the playground for an exciting replica of the Great Fire of London! We placed the houses very close to each other, just like they would’ve been in Pudding Lane and around London at that time. We saw how quickly the fire spread because of this and tried to make a break to see if we could stop the fire spreading! 

Can you tell an adult at home about the fire? Did our break manage to stop it? How and why did the actual Great Fire of London spread so quickly?